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Getting Creative in a Rental Home

Hello my friends, and Happy November!

For those of us who are renting, making a space your own can be difficult. Limitations on what I can change in our home definitely puts a damper on my creative spirit. I have these ideas in my head, picturing how I want a room to look, but just can’t make it happen without tearing up walls, painting, changing faucets and hardware, etc.

For example, I can’t stand the paint in our bathroom (or living room, or dining room). I’m a neutral kind of girl. I have these images of an adorable little rustic chic space, and the coral and yellow walls aren’t doing it for me.

I just decided to work with it and make all of our decor neutral instead. After covering a sinfully hideous window with a DIY curtain (more on that another time), putting up cute little towel hooks, laying down rag rugs, and staining an old wood crate for holding knick knacks, one thing in particular was gnawing at me. Towel bars.

Is it just me? I HATE towel bars! We have two of them! Big ones! Ugh. Maybe it’s just me. But I hate them.

I sat and thought for a while on what to do with them. Googled it. Pinterest’d it (is that a verb now, too? :/). Lots of creative ideas. Not for me. I wanted a cute way to display towels without the run of the mill, slap-it-over-a-bar look.

Lightbulb! I saw some adorable square baskets on sale at Marshall’s. It got the gears going. Picked up the baskets, tossed in some shower curtain hooks, and voila!



I attached the hooks to the baskets and hung them on the towel bar. I added the fluffy white bath towels and monogrammed fingertip towels that my sweet Mawmaw-in-law gave us. I also use one hook for necklaces!

Much better.
What do you think?
I got my way without ripping those suckers off the wall. Now only to tackle that shower door…

Thanks for reading! See you next time 😉


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