Updating Your Old, Gold-Framed Mirrors

Hello everyone!

I always hate throwing things away, even after they’ve long been outdated. I’m also too cheap to buy things I already have. This works out nicely.

I have a lot of old mirrors with unattractive frames, fake gold or plastic black. It’s really easy to sweeten them up with a little paint and add the perfect country chic touch to your home!

You’ll Need
– Painter’s tape
– Black paint
– Lighter colored paint
– Paintbrush

For this mirror, simply lay your mirror somewhere on a drop cloth or some newspaper to keep things from getting too messy.

Cover the mirror along the edges of the frame with painter’s tape.

Paint on your dark layer of paint. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Make it streaky.

Once that dries, paint on your lighter paint color. You are going to dip the tip of your brush in the paint, then wipe off as much excess as possible. Then drag your “dry” brush across the frame.

Doing this makes a light, distressed (streaky) effect. Keep doing this until you have achieved the look you want with as little or as much paint as you want.

You can choose whether or not to add a clear coat, but for me that is overkill.

I hope you like this quick little project! Enjoy!




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