Easy No-Sew Bedsheet Curtains

Hi everyone!


Yesterday I just got tired of looking at our dining room curtains. They were too long, too red, and didn’t match the curtains in the adjoining room. Besides, I can’t stand the walls in there, and having curtains that I didn’t like either was just too much.



I went to Walmart and saw some sheets that I liked. Bingo!


What You’ll Need
– Bedsheet
– Scissors
– Iron-on hem tape
-Curtain rod clip set (I used two sets for 4 curtains)

I have 4 windows I needed curtains for. Because I like mine short, I got 4 curtains from one queen sized flat sheet. You could use a king size and they would cover the whole window. Or, if you wanted floor length, you could just cut the sheet in half instead of into quarters.


First, I folded the sheet bottom to top and cut the fold. If you want floor length, then fold it lengthwise and cut.


Then I folded it again and cut, so the sheet was divided into four sections.


Lay out your fabric to be hemmed. About half an inch to an inch from the cut edge, iron-on your heat-n-bond hem tape (paper side up). Just place it where you want it and iron it for a couple seconds.


Peel the paper off.


Fold the edge over the tape and press down lightly for 6-8 seconds.


Repeat on both cut edges!

Now, just clip on your curtain rings. I split the packs in two because a whole pack was just too many, and evenly spaced them on the curtain. Voila!


I made 4 curtains for $18! What do you think? Have fun with this project, and make it your own!


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