Why Renting Sucks


I love our little house. I really do. But then, other times, I hate it! Do you ever feel this way about your home? To start,  if you have read my older posts, you know that we are renters. Renting bothers me for several reasons. It’s ok for now, considering we only live in this city because we are required due to my husband’s military service. But I am ANTSY. So antsy. So ready to get back to the real South. (I don’t consider Florida the south. Maybe I am the only one.) But our current situation has been bugging me more and more, and here’s why:

1. We are too attached. This is our home, but it doesn’t belong to us. We can’t make long-term plans for it. We have lovingly planted a vegetable garden, grown from seed, and planted little trees, and an abundance of flowers. We have made our little plot in the city as much of our oasis as possible, but we can’t take it with us.


2. We pay too much money! All the thousands of dollars we pay per year renting could have paid off a nice tract of land. It seems like money down the drain.

3. Our landlord SUCKS. There, I said it. At first, we thought he was great. He seems to be a very friendly, easy going guy. We sung his praises. As time went on, I started to realize this was not the only part of being a good landlord. He doesn’t take care of anything. There are multiple issues (we’re talking 10+) with the home that to this day he has not repaired/resolved. We live in a relatively high class end of town. And I’ll be damned if I’m going to take care of the problems myself. We pay him to do that. We pay him a lot. On time. Every month. This has drawn on and on for so long with endless excuses and promises that I’ve begun to resent him deeply. It’s not even healthy the amount of time I stew on it.

4. Relating back to #1, it’s not ours! So I can’t exactly make this place look like I want. I’m crazy for remodeling. I have a hawk eye for it. Whenever I see a house for sale/rent, I talk about all the little things I would change. I do it so much that my husband has started doing it. Then he’ll shake his head and snort, “I hang around you too much.” Who, me? 🙂

So, I know I went a little crazy on #3. I’m pretty stewed over it, if you couldn’t tell. I digress. All these reasons are culminating in my brain day after day, making me the most antsy person on Earth. Probably. I feel like I am dying for my husband’s contract to be up so we can hightail it out of here (terrible of me?). Not that Jacksonville is a bad place. As far as cities go, I’d have to say it’s one of the best. It has a lot to offer and it’s very spread out. Not cramped at all.

In the mean time, I am plotting planning for our future homestead! Some people think I’m crazy. That planning on going off the grid is crazy. I think they’re crazy for accepting high utility costs and food  dependence as commonplace.

We have decided that in the 1-2 years we have remaining here in Jax, we are going to downsize and try living in a smaller space in order to save big bucks that can go towards property. Try I said! The big task will be finding a home that falls into this criteria and also suits our needs. July 31st is our last day with the lazy landlord. Phew!


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