Random Rant

I have had sooo much on my mind this past week! Do you ever feel like you have so much running around in your head you aren’t even present anymore? I keep catching myself staring into space for unknown amounts of time.

So I suppose this will be a post about a jumble of things!

In the past, I’ve discussed choosing the right place to go off-grid. Now, all that is great and well, but when it comes down to it, choosing a piece of land to purchase and call home is huge.

For starters, if you are like us, you are choosing that area,  city, and state FOREVER. Forever? That’s huge. If you purchase 20 acres and start building your off-grid life, it’s pretty permanent. Not to say you couldn’t sell, but… Who has that kind of time and money to invest for fun?

We were getting overly excited about purchasing property and trying to change our ideals to fit certain tracts available, when it hit me. This is a lifetime commitment! I want to find something absolutely perfect. But what is perfect? That’s subjective. Much of land that is for sale already has a home on it. Is this good or bad? We want to be able to build our dream home, but that can be a headache.

In the end I think, the best thing to do is to wait and watch, and when the right thing comes around, we’ll know.

On another brain wave…
We are going on leave in a couple weeks, and while I’m so excited to see my family, I’m so dreading the drive. And the money spent on gas. And traveling with pets. And the disorganization/chaos that will inevitably ensue.
However, I do fully intend to show up at my in-laws’ house with 2 pieces of furniture that I am currently working on fully refurbishing for them. (They’re gonna be awesome!) Sneak peek “before”:


On a final random note, I have recently become obsessed with the 1940s. I mean, I always have been a little bit. I adore the glamour and the music, the patriotism during the war, and that all-American mentality. I love that women were so feminine and soft and sexy, yet strong feminists at the same time. I’ve also realized that 1940s hairstyles are some of the only styles I find flattering on myself. I’ve always sort of struggled with this semi-wavy, semi-thick hair that can’t make up its mind, and an unusual shaped face that makes more modern hairdos difficult without looking like a chipmunk or giraffe or something. The soft, full waves and rounded styles of the 40s are so flattering. Our grandmothers really knew their stuff about beauty.



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